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Buy Now Pomelin


Indulge in the endless source of nutritional goodness of the Pomelo fruit, the king of the citrus family. Low in calories, containing enzymes that help to break down proteins and fats, the pomelo is considered a perfect dietary food, full of nourishment.

Considered a blessing to the Chinese, this fruit is also a gold mine of vitamins. Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin E, folic acid and bioflavonoids, the pomelo is an anti-oxidant superhero, neutralising free radical damage and enhancing the immune system. And that is just only a fraction of its true power!

The Power of Pomelin 

Anti-bacterial. Anti- viral. Anti-parasitic. Three ways to describe the complete natural benefits of Pomelin. Containing all the nourishment of the Pomelo fruit, Pomelin is just a few drops away from giving you a healthier and happier life for the entire family! 

  • Using a bio-enhanced method of extraction unique to Pomelin - considered the best way to extract from natural fruits, plants and herbs - this nutritional food supplement contains vitamin rich pomelo extract and lemon extract as well as the natural sweetener, vegetable glycine to give you a completely natural body boost.
  • Pomelin is a 100 % vegetarian and natural. 

Key benefits

  • Pomelin is your everyday natural defence against bacterial, fungicidal, viral and parasitic infections, having a multipurpose (broad spectrum) effect.
  • Pomelin naturally detoxifies your body while enhancing and supporting your immune system.
  • Pomelin’s concentration of Vitamin C, E and citrus bioflavanoid has an antioxidant action assisting in neutralising the damage made to the body’s cells by nasty free radicals

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