What is QNETPRO?

Helping distributors Build a Sustainable Business

We are the pioneers and the voice for the direct selling industry in many emerging economies and we take that responsibility seriously. Our mission is to educate, inform and train our distributors to uphold the highest standards in conducting their business. As aspiring entrepreneurs, they are not just building a business that helps them become financially independent; they are leading a wave of change.

To support our growing network of distributors in building a professional and sustainable business, we have established a programme called QNETPRO.

Under QNETPRO, we conduct training programmes, online seminars, create awareness through social media campaigns and videos, provide educational materials through online and offline channels, and help instil in our distributors a sense of pride for being at the forefront of a thriving industry.


A series of interviews with successful and celebrated network marketing leaders in QNET. Through real life success stories, we encourage and inspire our distributors to build a long-term businesses by engaging in honest and professional practices.



A series of videos to help you understand the direct selling industry and answer questions about the QNET business.



We simplify QNET’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics with easy-to-understand terminologies and simplified content.



A quick, straightforward list to make sure you do things the right way.



Your handy guide to learning the basics of professional network marketing.

QNET Red Lines

A set of ground rules that must NOT be crossed by IRs.
QNET IRs must make sure that they conduct their business the right way and NEVER cross any of the Red Lines.


Failing to inform at the outset or otherwise deceiving or misleading prospects or IRs in relation to QNET


  1. Non-disclosure of the following to downline(s) and/or prospect(s): true nature of the QNET business as a direct selling company; actual minimum cost and payment process for registration as an IR; activation requirements; refund policy; terms and conditions for a product purchase.
  2. Collecting advances/deposits and/or excessive amount of money from prospect(s) and/or downline(s) for registration and/or product purchase.
  3. Embezzlement or misuse of money collected from downlines and/or prospects.
  4. Placing or referring an IR in cross line of referralship without their knowledge or consent.
  5. Purchasing product(s) and/or making or arranging for product collection on behalf of downline(s) or any other IR without their authorisation, knowledge or consent.


Violation of applicable laws and/or QNET Policies and Procedures


  1. Incentivizing & facilitating illegal cross-border movement of individuals/group of individuals.
  2. Any detainment of prospect(s) and/or downline(s) against their will.
  3. Using coercive and/or abusive means and/or any form of harassment towards downline(s) and/or prospect(s).
  4. Using/ or submitting fake/fabricated identification documentation.
  5. Misusing downline’s commissions.


Registration of any prospect who does not have legal capacity to enter into a valid contract


  1. A minor or under the age of majority under the applicable laws; lacking mental capacity to enter into an agreement with QNET to become an IR.


Misrepresentation or defamation of the QNET’s name, business, products, policies, procedures, employees and/or pretending to be a QNet employee


  1. Offering/promising job opportunities or college admissions or travel opportunities abroad.
  2. Guaranteeing lucrative income and/or representing the business as a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme or as an investment.
  3. Publication of any defamatory or disparaging statements or remarks (verbal or written) against QNET and/or its affiliates, directors, representatives, agents or employees (e.g. by way of (i) interview/statement in any media platforms, (ii) video/content in any social media platforms).
  4. Misusing QNET’s or its affiliates’ copyright-protected property without prior written consent of QNET or the relevant entity.
  5. Making unfounded/ exaggerated/ misleading claims about QNET’s products.


QNET prioritizes Integrity, enforces ethical standards through its Code of Conduct, and encourages its partners to exceed these standards.


IRs must follow Code of Ethics, QNET policies regulations & agreements at all times.


Find out in the Frequently Asked Questions to answer all of your questions about the QNET Company, business opportunity , products and services.


Know and understand your Rights and Obligations as an IR. Abide by the Policies and Procedures.


At QNET, we believe in walking the talk. We require complete adherence to QNET’s Code of Conduct and compliance with our Policies and Procedures. At this time, when the direct selling industry is becoming a profession of choice in many emerging economies, it is important for us to set high standards. We take violations to our policies and code of conduct very seriously. QNET has terminated numerous distributors in more than 30 countries for non-compliance, policy violations, or unethical practices.

List of Terminated Independent Representatives (IRs)


Middle East & North Africa

South East Asia

If you would like to bring a policy violation or misrepresentation of QNET business or product to our attention, please send an email to [email protected] or send a message to our WhatsApp Hotline +852 9150 2203.